How Diabetes affects your eyes

Diabetes is one of the chronic disease known to mankind. It affects all the organs of the body. It affects the heart, liver, eyes, kidneys and the gastrointestinal tract. Let us see how it affects the eyes.

One of the most devastating microvascular complications of diabetes mellitus is diabetic retinopathy. The early stages are characterised by histopathological changes like loss of pericytes and basement membrane thickening.

Normally glucose enters the lens of the eyes and gets converted to sorbitol, which eventually gets converted to fructose and returns back to blood. In case of diabetic patients sorbitol is not converted to fructoce and it forms a layer in the lens thus leading to cataract.

Each diabetic should undergo an eye checkup to detect minor changes in their vision. Pressure increases in the arteries of the eyes thus may lead to retinopathy. In these persons eye sight is diminished. They cannot see small objects and are not able to read. The most dreadful thing is there is no glass available for these persons to help them see or improve their vision.

So if you are a diabetic no mind any age please check your eyes and safeguard your valuable eye sight.

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