Homemade Foot Care for Cracked Heals

Cracked heels are the major problem for many of them especially women. They just neglect the care which should be taken to the foot and thus this ends up with cracked heels.

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Natural treatment for Acne

What is acne

Acne is the common term used to describe whiteheads, blackheads and pimples.
In whatever name it is called, Acne is a condition that teenagers and adults would consider it burdensome irrespective of whether it is severe or mild. A person who is suffering from acne will feel helpless, embarrassed and often low in confidence.

Fruits and its calorie content

Fruits are best choice for those who would like to be healthy. IT is also useful to reduce weight when taken regularly with proper diet. Fruits are low in calories and rich in vitamins and nutrients. Taking up fruits instead of snack will help a long way in reducing weight. This prevents overeating which is the main cause of weight gain.

The following is the list of fruits and their calorie content per 100 grams.

Stress - Causes and Relief


As you all know there is so much stress found these days in workplace. Most of them are due to fear of losing one's job. Lot of stress at workplace contributes to lower productivity, increased job related accidents, mental and physical health issues.

Food - Your best medicine

Food is the best medicine that your body can take. The correct food choices can be a powerful medicine to both your mind and body. Many people are aware of this but they ignore it or don’t use it to the maximum in order to get the full benefit out of it. If care is taken to intake right food at right amount then it acts as a medicine to your body.

Body Odor - Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

What is Body Odor?

Unpleasant smell coming from underarms, groin, scalp and feet is referred to as Body Odor. It is also associated with skin in general, genitals, mouth, anus, and pubic hairs. It has been a great concern for both men and women as they will not be able to move freely in public places.

Anaemia – Causes, Symptoms, Types and Treatment

What is Anaemia?

Anaemia is a condition in which the body has fewer amounts of red blood cells which is unable to cope up with body’s demand for oxygen. Blood haemoglobin count falls below the regular level for a person suffering from anaemia. Due to this less amount of oxygen is supplied to the body tissues. This results in fatigue and other medical complications.

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