Breast Cancer – Symptoms, Causes and Diagnosis

What is Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is the abnormal growth of cells that can develop in one or many areas of the breast. This includes the ducts that carry milk to the nipple, the lobules or sacs that produce milk and the non-glandular tissue. Breast cancer is diagnosed more in women than in men. Breast cancer constitutes about 30 percent of all cancer diagnosed in women. Cancer cells are found in breast tissue for those who suffer from this disease.

Types of Breast Cancer

There are different types of Breast cancer.

1. Ductile Cancer – most common type of breast cancer found in the cells of the ducts.

2. Lobular Cancer – This type of cancer begins in the lobes or lobules.

Treatment for this kind of breast cancer will mainly depend on the type of breast cancer and also the stage of the disease.

Symptoms of Breast Cancer

There are quite a few symptoms noticed that can be helpful for identification of breast cancer.

1. A lump or thickening that is found in the breast or under the arm.
2. Redness or swelling of the breast
3. Dimpling on the breast skin resembling the texture of an orange.
4. A change in the shape of the breast, such as one being higher than the other.
5. A sore or ulcer formed on the skin of the breast which does not heal.

Causes of Breast Cancer

It is difficult to determine the exact cause of cancer. More than 20 percent of those who have cancer never know why they had it. The major causes are food, tobacco, occupational hazards, genetic composition and food additives. Radiation, chemicals in the air and diet, vitamin deficiency, high-fat diet, stress and environmental conditions are the other agents that are known to cause breast cancer.

Diagnostic tests for Breast Cancer

Biopsy: It is a test used to diagnose tumors. Cells from the affected part are removed surgically and are sent for microscopic examination.

Cytology Test: A test used to detect the shedding of abnormal cells.

Imaging Techniques: X-rays such as those used in a mammogram is helpful to detect early Breast cancer. Ultrasound scanners can also used to produce images of organs which can be used to detect early breast cancer.

Chemical Testing: Used to detect if there is any presence of blood in the feces or elevated levels of enzyme acid phosphates in the blood.

Ultrasound: Ultrasound technique is used to detect whether a breast mass is cancerous or not.

Home Care preventions for Breast Cancer

1. Avoid taking tobacco as it is one of the main sources for breast cancer.
2. Excessive alcohol is also harmful and might trigger breast cancer.
3. Also avoid caffeine intake.

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