Insomnia - A sleep disorder

What is Insomnia?

A sleep disorder that is experienced by a majority of old people is called as insomnia. Insomniac person losses their sleep or have less sleep at night. People who have lots of worries, and improper diet experience an insufficient sleep at night. Sleeplessness can be cured by effective simple methods just by bringing little changes in life style. Stress is the main root cause of insomnia.

There are large numbers of people who are affected by this condition. Lack of sleep or restlessness causes problems in our day to day life by affecting our normal activities and also impairs functioning of immune system and also leads to various illness and infections.

Causes of insomnia


2.Excess intake of tea or coffee at night

3.Worries, negative thoughts, and stress

4.Leg pain and other body pain

5.Alcohol intake at night



8.Eating oily foods

9.Late exercises

10.Breathing problems


12.Emotional problems

13.Any terrifying dream

14.Wrong or unusual sleeping practice

Symptoms of insomnia

The capability of doing work reduces in insomnia. The person lacks concentration, and may show symptoms like restlessness, anxiety, depression and difficulty in getting sleep.

Home Remedies for Insomnia

1.Dilute 2-3 tsps of honey in water and drink before going to bed. This brings good sleep.

2.Take cabbage juice in your diet which acts as a cure for insomnia.

3.Drink a glass of hot milk containing half tablespoon honey at night.

4.Eat bottle-gourd as it cures insomnia.

5.Rub the scalp everyday with sesame oil containing one tablespoon of bottle gourd juice. This is considered as an effective home remedy and cures sleeplessness or insomnia.

6.Eat curd daily.

7.Rub one tablespoon of curd on forehead this brings good sleep.

8.Drink herbal tea containing one teaspoon honey, half tablespoon aniseed, and milk before your sleep time.

9.The diet should be rich in Vitamin B which is found in many pulses, cereals, and vegetables.

10.Yogic exercises are very helpful and relieves of stress and helps to overcome insomnia.

Good sleep keeps a person happy, positive and energetic.

Dos and don'ts for Insomnia

1.Watching television at night should be avoided.

2.Avoid sleeping tablets because it is not good for the body.

3.Avoid sleeping for long hours in the day time.

4.Eat foods like, bananas, yoghurt and various green vegetables and salads.

5.Eating excess sugar, chocolates and excess salt should be avoided.

6.Avoid alcohol.

7.Avoid smoking.

8.Avoid eating oily food at night.

9.Do not think about unhappy things in your life as it will not let you sleep.

10.Avoid taking tea and coffee as it leads to insomnia.

11.Listen to some good music at night.

12.Read good story books.

13.Take warm water bath as it soothes your senses and brings good sleep.

14.Dip foot on warm water for 10-15 minutes before your bed time as it will bring good night sleep.

15.Eat foods rich in Vitamin B, zinc, magnesium, Vitamin C, calcium, and Vitamin D.

16.Take balanced diet and food rich in these minerals.

17.Take regular exercises.

18.Do yoga and meditation.

19.Always maintain a good balance between work and rest, and avoid bringing professional work at home as it hampers your sleep.

20.Think about the achievements and good things that has happened in your life while going to bed.

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