Effects of Alcohol in the human body

Alcohol consumption is increasing day by day throughout the world. The main constituent present in alcoholic drink is nothing but ethyl alcohol. In Latin there is a term called “Invinoveritus” which means “in wine there is
truth” i.e. only after drinking we can see the original character of a person. It is easily absorbed and no digestion is needed. About 60% of alcohol taken on empty stomach is absorbed in half an hour and 90% in 1 hour. Alcohol mixes with the blood and is detected within 2 to 3 minutes of swallowing few sips of whisky or beer.

Alcohol content:

Rum : 50-60%
Whisky, Gin, Brandy: 40-45%
Port, Sherry: 20%
Wine: 10-15%
Beer: 4-8%

How alcohol works?

30 mg of alcohol/100 ml of blood: Increased likelihood of accidents.

50 mg of alcohol/100 ml of blood: Increases cheerfulness and impaired judgment.

80 mg of alcohol/100 ml of blood: Loss of driving license if caught.
150 mg of alcohol/100 ml of blood: Loss of self control, quarrelsome, slurred speech.
200 mg of alcohol/100 ml of blood: Double vision, loss of memory.
400 mg of alcohol/100 ml of blood: Sleepiness, coma.
500 mg of alcohol/100 ml of blood: Death is possible.
600 mg of alcohol/100 ml of blood: Leads to death.

Effect of alcohol in liver:

Moderate intake of alcohol causes lipid droplets to accumulate in hepatocytes. Liver enlarges in size due to deposition of fats. It increase in size from 1 1kg to about 6kg in size the cells bulges and then bursts and the contents in the cells are released after this the size decreases and the liver shrinks leading to cirrhosis which is called as end stage liver disease.

Alcohol has got other serious effects too. We can see many in public places creating a nuisance to the public. They forget themselves and don’t even bother about their family.

Please stop drinking too much. I think the government should take necessary steps to stop this act.

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