Diabetes Insipidus

This is a rare chronic disease in which the patient passes large quantities of pale dilute urine which is free from sugar and albumin. In some cases there are no discoverable causes and the condition may apparently be a hereditary disorder which usually affects men through several generations.

In some it is due to inability of the kidneys to secrete concentrated urine. In some it is due to disease of pituitary gland in the brain such as tumor or other organic brain disease. Injury is also as occasional factor.

The symptoms are characteristic with abnormal thirst, a copious flow of urine and constipation. The patient is generally thin and the skin tends to be dry but the general health may be good. Here the urine is dilute without sugar. But in diabetes mellitus the urine is of higher concentration with the presence of sugar in it. Whereas mellitus means honey, insipidus means tasteless.

Once again I stress that this is a rare disorder and the information is given to acquaint the reader with diabetes insipidus. But generally when we mean diabetes it refers diabetes mellitus only.

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