Things to remember for a Diabetic Patient

The following are the important points that a diabetic patient has to keep in mind in order to face any situation.

1. Tendency for diabetes is more in individuals who come from ‘diabetic stock’.

2. Treatment of diabetes is life-long and a good understanding between the diabetic and doctor is essential.

3. Whenever the individual has to consult a new doctor he must mention about his diabetes and the drugs he is taking so as to enable the doctor to understand his disease and to give proper medicine.

4. Individual’s weight must be kept within the normal limits of “ideal weight” and better it will be, still if it is less than 20% of the ideal weight.

5. Do not over eat especially with regard to carbohydrates. Follow the instructions regarding diet properly. Avoid eating haphazardly at social functions and in hotels. Try to develop a taste without sugar. If it is impossible, use saccharine.

6. Regular, routine exercise and diabetic regime are good for healthy and happy life.

7. Diabetic women will have to plan their pregnancy and delivery and better to limit the children to two.

8. Better to have the urine and blood pressure checked up every year after the age of 30 years.

9. Skin cuts, boils must be take care of immediately. Cleanliness of feet and oral hygiene are very essential. Proper dose and use of insulin and antibiotics are important.

10. A controlled diabetic is an asset to the family whereas uncontrolled is a liability to the family and society.

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