Breathe properly and gain energy

Breathing is the only function that is performed unconsciously in our body. But if you can make an effort then you can control it very easily. Your body is capable of going without food or water for couple of days. But the same cannot be said for oxygen, as your body cannot go without it for not more that few minutes. 

The power and control of breath has been very well known in India for thousands of years. Any type of yoga combines two powerful elements called as breathing and stretching. Our breath is quite literally our life force. Oxygen feeds every part of the body. Breathing deeply and slowly will relax you, while instantly sending powerful doses of oxygen to the brain and every single cell of the body.

Many people say that while smoking they feel relaxed. But actually it is not because of smoking but because of slow deep breaths that they take while smoking. It's so powerful that it can even calm the system while inhaling poisons.

Process of breathing

This can be explained by normal breathing that we do daily. During breathing we release carbon dioxide as it is poisonous to our body if present in high amounts. That’s why we breathe in oxygen and breathe out carbon dioxide. It infuses fresh air into our lungs which replaces the carbon dioxide that is released when we breathe out. Breathing influences every organ in the body and balances the brain hemisphere.

Importance of breathing

Breathing deeply and evenly will help us to synchronize both sides of the brain. The right nostril helps us to stimulate the left side of the brain and the left nostril helps in stimulating the right side of the brain. Breathing has all sorts of physiological effects on the body of which some can be noticed and some cannot be noticed. Physicians believe that breathing is the doorway between conscious and the unconscious mind. It helps to relax and feed specific parts of the body. It gives greater control over the nervous system and often plays a major role in miraculous cures.

If you fell tired then try to take ten deep breaths. This will help you to be relieved from tired and relax your mind. The best way to breathe is from the bottom of our stomach. This is because few people know that the lungs extend beyond the rib cage. In fact 2/3 of the lungs sit below the lowest rib. So filling the larger portion of the lungs with oxygen will literally increase your energy.

Simple exercise for effective breathing

Try this simple exercise for effective breathing. Breathe in deeply as much as you can from the bottom of your stomach. Keep your hand on the bottom of the stomach to have a feel and then push your stomach out. as you breathe in. Hold breathe as long as you are comfortable and then breathe out by pushing your stomach in.
Try to breathe in through your nostril and breathe out through your mouth.

The important and best aspect is that deep breathing can be done anywhere. You can do it when you are doing others things, while driving, sitting or working at a computer. It is mainly important for those who work in front of computers. They have to learn to take deep breathe and keep their circulation moving. If you can do this, you can see the difference at the end of the day.

This is a very simple exercise which can be done anytime, anywhere. It helps to lower stress, increase energy and infuse oxygen to every cell in your body. Breathe effectively to gain energy which eventually leads to a happier life.

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