Foot Care for Diabetics

Diabetic persons are easily prone to infections, expecially in their feet. This may be due to decreased circulation and changes in the blood vessels which takes time for the wound to be healed. If this is left unnoticed then the complications can be devastating. This may also lead to amputation of the limb. Care should be taken to address the wound immediately and to take proper precautions by following the below mentioned tips.

The following are the Foot care tips for diabetics patients.

1. One should examine both feet carefully every day for any blisters,cuts,bruises or infection. A mirror to look at the bottom of the feet may be handy. If some cuts or injuries are not healing i time, one should immediately consult the physician.

2. It is important to keep the feet clean. It is a good habit to bathe them daily in warm water. Dry carefully, especially between the toes.

3.If there is a small wound or cut immediate action should be taken because since the level of glucose in blood is high in a diabetic it is easy for the growth of microbes.

4. Walking is the best exercise for the feet. There are also special exercises to stimulate circulation if needed. If there are cramps on walking or feet feel cold, one should inform the physician.

5. Give up smoking to preserve good circulation.

6. wear properly fitting clean socks or stockings washed every day.

7. Soft leather shoes are best for daily wear. Shoes should be comfortable at the time of purchase. New shoes should be worn for short periods at first.

8. Cut toe nails across and not too short. Callouses or corns should be managed by trained personnel only.

9. One should avoid extremes of temperature, either cold or heat. Before bathing, water temperatures should be known.

10. Walking barefooted on hot surfaces as cement floor or in the open field is prohibited.

11. No chemicals should be applied on the feet.

The above tips if practiced carefully will be helpful for a diabetic to avoid complications at a later stage.

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