Meditation to brighten your life

Meditation to brighten your life

Meditation can be compared to the wiring that has been done in walls. As soon as the switch is powered on, the current flows through the walls, providing light and brightness to your house. In the same way when you start doing meditation you can see lots of positive energy getting plugged into all parts of the body. You can see the Vibrations and changes that it makes to our life during the course of time.

One of the important benefits of meditation is to lighten up the dark corners of your mind. It will make our mind calm and cool. It is a practice that keeps you illuminated and energized. If you can prolong it for months you can see magnificent rewards for simple meditation.

In early days meditation has been practiced to develop spiritual awareness among people. It can be stated as a method to communicate with your mind. It is a type of illumination that turns on the lights of your soul.

There are so many meditation techniques that can be done as per your needs. It can be practiced by anyone anywhere. Initially you need proper guidance to have a check on your breathing control. Once you are all set then you can practice it anywhere without any help. Meditation makes you to have a feel of your soul.

Various studies have shown that people who meditate have a greater capacity for empathy. It was also proved that those who meditate are more alert in their reactions to life and to people around them.

Meditation works with the mind. It is a way of getting to know your mind very well. You will be happy to see the brightness that is created in your mind. It helps you to train your mind. It is a way of learning how to control your thoughts and thereby create the life you want to live.

Meditation helps in getting you to have a feeling with your inner self. It's a mental disciple by which one attempts to get beyond reflexive thinking. It is a state of inner awareness and relaxation that you can feel in your body.

When and How to do it

There are various ways by which you can start meditation. You can focus on a sound, a phrase, a prayer, or visualization. You can do it in the morning, evening or any where, any time. The only effort we have to put in is the time to do it. If you can focus your mind for a few minutes a day it will do wonders for your body and soul.

If you want to get improved benefits you should meditate daily for at least 10 to 15 minutes. You can choose the best one that works for you. If you're serious about building a new life, do a daily meditation combined with inspirational reading.

One of the simplest forms of meditation is to concentrate on your breathing. Just sit comfortably and close your eyes. Concentrate only on your breathing in and out.

Another Very important and powerful technique is repeating a phrase, such as, "OM".

Walking is also another form of meditation. Just concentrate on your walking, the roll of the foot. Walking is a feel good thing to do for both your body and mind.

The average persons mind is used to wander wherever it wants. You have to train your mind to be still. By doing meditation daily you can have control of your mind. Daily meditation will allow you to be the master of your thoughts.

Meditation keeps your mind fit, like exercising makes the body fit. It requires no gym, no special equipment; just a commitment for taking charge of your thoughts and your life.

Benefits of Meditation

1. Pain management
2. Improved health
3. More relaxed
4. Promotes relaxation
5. Reduces stress
6. Enhances personal and spiritual growth.
7. Clarity of mind
8. A sense of well being
9. Increased Memory
10.More creative
11.Improved relationships
12.Increased happiness
13.Peace of mind

Meditation is often suggested as a complement to medical treatments. Lots of small problems in your body will be cured without medicine. Meditation is like resting. It gives your mind a break from the day’s vigorous work. It puts you in touch with your feelings and emotions. It does not necessarily solve problems but calms the mind. This helps you to see things differently.

Meditation calms and soothes your mind. It helps you let go of all worry, fear and tension. Stop and be still to calm the mind. You'll find freedom from stress and calmness in your mind. Meditation frees you from suffering. You'll lose your sense of greed and confusion. You can have your anger in your control.

There are lots of benefits gained from doing meditation daily. In this stressful environment everyone should allocate some time for meditation to purify their body and soul.

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