Natural treatment for Acne

What is acne

Acne is the common term used to describe whiteheads, blackheads and pimples.
In whatever name it is called, Acne is a condition that teenagers and adults would consider it burdensome irrespective of whether it is severe or mild. A person who is suffering from acne will feel helpless, embarrassed and often low in confidence.
As the medical treatment continues to advance over the years, more and more new techniques and treatment methods have emerged. This treatment method is effective in clearing up Acne within weeks. This shows that more research is being done for the treatment of Acne.

Causes of acne

Acne is caused by the bacteria called propioniform. This bacteria is responsible for inflammation and infection. Dermatologists recommend the most common acne treatment with the use of antibiotics. These antibiotics typically include tetracycline-type derivatives, which is formulated to kill these bacteria. Another important treatment is the use of benzyl peroxide to the affected region.

Treatment for acne

With the improvement in technologies lot of technical instruments are also used in the treatment of acne. The major one is called as Zeno acne blemish device. It is a simple hand held gadget which is used to heat up the affected part of the skin to kill the propioniform bacteria. This will also trigger the influx of heat-shock proteins that plays a vital role to kill these bacteria and reduce inflammation in the pores. This is one of the major techniques used for the treatment of acne.

Another important acne treatment method is called Accutane (isotretinoin). It is a powerful drug used to inhibit the oil secreted in skin follicles. Although it was proved to be effective in cleaning acne, Accutane is also used to cause birth defects. Moreover there are also important side effects caused by this drug. The chief of them include depression, psychosis, aggression and suicide. This treatment is not used by many.

Many of the acne treatment method are used to temporarily fix the problem and not permanently cure it. They only treat the symptoms but not the cause of it. A lot of the products and methods do work to an extent as long as it is used to cure acne. But once these treatments are stopped we can see acne reappears after a few weeks.

Prevention of acne

Prevention of acne is not that complicated as it is seen. The major thing that one has to look into is the type of food that they eat. It also is the major cause of of emergence of acne. Heredity and hormones are also the contributing factors for acne. Food that increases your insulin levels and one that is related to insulin growth factors are also important for the formation of acne.
Foods that mainly constitute carbohydrates and sugar can increase insulin. They may also increase an insulin-like growth factor called as IGF-1 in your body. This results in the major secretion of sebum Sebum is a kind of greasy substance that attracts the acne-causing bacteria.

Tips for acne treatment

Following are some of the natural acne treatment tips:

1. Try to reduce the amount of sugars and grains that you consume normally. These include bread, cereal, rice, potatoes and corn. This will reduce insulin production.

2. Take a quality supplement called probiotic. If you're using antibiotics to treat acne, they kill the propioniform bacteria to cure acne.

3. Try to optimize your vitamin D levels. Our body produces over 200 antimicrobial peptides when you're getting enough vitamin D from regular sun exposure. This is more than sufficient to increase vitamin D level in your body. If you can't get enough sun, you can use a supplement with oral vitamin D as tablets.

4. Try to minimize your stress levels.

5. Try to use only organic skin care products for your face. These will ensure that there is no chemical reaction happening on your skin.

6. Clean your hands regularly and avoid touching your face frequently. Avoid scratching, squeezing, or rubbing your skin because it will only make the problem worse and does not help in any way curing the disease.

Try to follow these simple tips and you can prevent yourself from acne.

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